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Better Food, Better Mood!
All of your menu favourites have our daily delivered fresh produce incorporated into each and every dish.
You cannot beat our quality of Fresh Natural Goodness 

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At Sydney’s, we have brought the traditional charcoal chicken shop to life by incorporating quality sides, gourmet burgers, traditional dips, succulent meats, salads and beverages at affordable prices.

Our culinary team seasons, slices, dices, roasts & grills everything in house every day to your taste buds desire.
Our core vision in site is always our customers. We strongly focus on sourcing the finest quality fresh produce, high quality meats and poultry to deliver the most amazing food to you.

Our menu is inspired by your everyday home cooks. Yes, our mothers. We have created a family friendly, Homestyle nurturing menu (to mamas approval of course) with everyday families in mind to provide delicious tasting real food. We inspire to fill your tables with wholesome happiness and spread all the love for food we have with you.

Our Protein

Not all chicken are equal.

Our chickens are not only cooked over charcoal to perfection and the best tasting chicken you can buy – but they are also free range, chemical free, preserva-tive free and gluten free. And YES, Halal!

Grown to FREPA standards
Processed without adding chemicals
Australian owned and grown
No added hormones
No Antibiotics

And yes, we know the big question you all want answered…

How do we create such mouth-watering chicken?
Well, here we go. So now you know they are the best chickens you can buy. Our culinary team begin with marinating each and every chicken by hand. That’s right! No machines. Each chicken is perfectly seasoned and marinated with our signature marination. We then place it aside for just the right amount of time so the chicken can absorb all that goodness.

Last of all, our cooks prepare your favourite chicken for the Fiery Smoking Hot Charcoal. This process has the most aromatic juices flowing and really is the BIG SECRET. The charcoal brings out indulgent rich flavours and showcases the true Authenticity of our Home style Chicken we want to share with you on your tables

Our Produce

We go great lengths and source our produce locally. We work closely with our suppliers and source locally where possible. Our wide menu range gives us the opportunity to hand pick the freshest quality produce straight from the market by our suppliers.

Just because our products are at affordable prices doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality or cut corners in our supply chain. In all of our actions, we are committed to doing the right thing for our customers, the community, our employees, and the environment.

We only work with suppliers and growers we trust. Only the finest quality makes it to our culinary team and your table.


We are always looking for ways to improve the sustainability of our packaging through better collaboration, improved design and the use of more environmentally friendly materials. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates that by 2050 our oceans could contain more plastics than fish. And with over 4.4 million tons of packaging waste being generated in Australia each year, it’s crucial we step.
Our commitments to reduce Plastics and Packaging
We aim to actively reduce the amount of plastic packaging in our stores range and transition to more sustainable alternatives where possible, providing no increase in food waste.

We will aim to stimulate an Australian circular economy by committing to include 30% recycled materials in our plastic packaging by the end of 2025. With our overall goal by the end of 2025, we aim to reduce plastic packaging by 25%.

Supporting the Locals

We are giving back! Starting right where it all began. With the support of our local community we have grown to become famous for our offerings. We love giving back to the people who have so graciously supported us over the years. We are always joining in on the fun in annual held events in our community. Find us front and centre in the St Marys Spring Festival and Halloween Trick ’Or’ Treat Trail every year. Come join in on the fun!